Yaytek Corporate

40 Years Experience

  1. Inception
    History 1978

    Yaytek started to manufacture springs in Konya in 1978. We have done many innovations and works until sunny. As a result of our work we have done from the establishment of our company to this day, we have produced a sample company profile as a result of our customer satisfaction and sensitivity to the environment. We hope that after that the same principle to be another example.

  2. Turning Point
    History 2010

    Yaytek continues with a brand new face and understanding in 2010. The first UNIVERSAL lathe and 15 ton hydraulic press were purchased. In order to meet the orders from customers, 2 manual spring winding machines have been manufactured with low speed turning logic and mechanical single straightening and cutting machine. And the first spring-winding CNC machine, our 45CF machine, was taken in these years.

  3. New Machinery Investment
    History 2011

    In the first months of 2011, high-speed Spring Block Press and Pneumatic Twisting Apparatuses were designed and manufactured. In this respect, sector diversification was also provided and the sectors like automotive, hydraulic and agriculture could be given. At that time, the heat treatment furnace capacity used for strain relief was increased and a belt furnace was purchased from HTC. In November 2011, our company, our second CNC machine, 16CF, was purchased from HTC.

  4. Accelerated for Agriculture Sector
    History 2012

    In order to increase the number of units in line with customer orders, in the first 3 months of 2012, a special press system has been designed and produced for rakes which are widely used in agriculture sector. In the same period, our company's first test machine was purchased as 250 kg capacity. In June 2012, Wafios Brand UFM100, an automatic spring winding machine which can produce up to 12 mm wire diameter required in line with the demands of our customers, is taken.

  5. First CNC Form Machine
    History 2013

    In May 2013, our company, our first CNC form machine, 20XM, was purchased from HTC. In this way our company has been able to produce form springs and special shaped springs from 0.50 mm to 2.50 mm single diameter.

  6. New Machinery Investment
    History 2014

    In 2014, the 10CF CNC spring machine was purchased from HTC and the customer's spring demands, from 0.20 mm wire diameter to 1.00 mm wire diameter, became faster and more qualified with our CNC machine. By the end of 2014, a small grinding machine was taken from WNJ company. It has become CNC and automatic production track up to 12.00 mm diameter chain.

  7. New Factory Investment
    History 2015

    HTC-28CF CNC and HTC-80GD 600mm CNC Grinding Machine has been taken and a dust extraction system has been installed for occupational health and safety. In the same year, we moved to the new factory building of 1000m² in the same year.

  8. Test Device Buying
    History 2016

    1 KG investment of tensile and compression test equipment has been made.

  9. Laboratory Established
    History 2017

    As a result of long ARGE tests, we established our laboratory as YAYTEK. And to give better service, we did not sacrifice the quality to the highest level.

  10. 40th Year Yaytek
    History 2018

    Our firm, which has been standing for many years with its own capital, has determined the priority given to customer satisfaction and quality since it was founded. It will continue to guarantee its quality and satisfaction that it will continue on its way without compromising its presses.